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  • Clear and fix price
  • Suitable for different clients, from business to education
  • Minimum deadline - 24 hours
  • Cover full cycle of presentation creation
  • Personal manager
  • 24/7 support
  • Not enough information on the work process
  • Small portfolio
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A presentation design agency that builds customized, professional, and on-brand presentations for any occasion. The service covers all presentation processes - redesign, design based on existing content and presentation from scratch with the option of content creation. Slidepeak has a clear and fixed pricing policy through charging by slide. With a minimum deadline of 24 hours, you can expect fast delivery, done on time.
When I need powerpoint slides or a slideshow, with a quick turnaround, high creativity, and very professional appearance, I don't give a second thought to reaching out to Slidepeak. I explain what I'm looking for, how I'd like it laid out, and leave the rest to them, and I'm never disappointed. I recommend them without reservation!
Sam Hyde, CEO
My powerpoint was very well done, and I'm happy with the way it turned out. Very clean, creative, modern, perfectly styled! There were a few amends, but unlike other services, the copywriter was very willing to continue to make revisions until I loved it. So, the end work was exactly what I needed and delivered on time. Thank you for a job well done!
Ian Smith, Marketing Team Lead
We had a very tight timeline to complete a strategic project and Slidepeak delivered. They were able to turn around quality work quickly and rapidly incorporated our feedback into each revision. The PM performed his role well (setting expectations and clarifying deadlines). We looked great in front of our peers and in front of our bosses with the presentation that we put together.
Jake Allen, Project Manager
I was introduced to Slidepeak by a friend after complimenting them on their powerpoint deck. With an investor meeting coming up I thought I would try them on a deck that had been kicking around for 4 months and needed some love. The site is simple to use, and the pricing is transparent - faster you need it higher the hourly rate.
Mary Lahey, Project Manager
Company info
Project budget: from $50
Price per slide: from $15
Turnaround: from 24h
Free revisions: +
Location: 188 Grand St #291, New York, NY 10013, USA
Based on 645 customer reviews
  • Experienced designers
  • High credibility
  • Well-suited for corporate design and huge data projects
  • Personalized and detailed analysis of your needs
  • The design might be a little outdated
  • No 24/7 support - the service hours are Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-8 p.m. (U.S. Eastern time)
  • The longer time of order completions
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One of the oldest presentation design agencies providing its services since 2002. Their experts’ massive experience results in high-quality presentations used even by some of the Fortune 500 companies. The price varies depending on the project, so you`ll have to send an inquiry via email or phone. The timing depends on the project’s complexity as well, though the initial response usually takes 15-20 minutes.
We worked with eSlide on a presentation for our new product. The main requirement was to stick to our design guideline. The project was executed pretty well and saved us a lot of time. The support department has to be pointed out especially - great job!
Andrew Watts, Product Manager
Our investment project would not probably be as successful without the eSlide help! Their experience helped us turn 40 slides of graphics and data into a bright and clear project. Even though eSlide`s team spent considerable time on the presentation, the result was absolutely impressive and worth our time and money.
Ashley Keynes, Marketing Manager
I had a great experience working with eSlide. For an educational company specialized in medical training, finding an outside partner for presentations was always tough, considering a rather complex and specialized field we operate in. That's where eSlide`s experience comes in handy. Always a professional approach and rather fast service as well.
John Mayers, CEO
eSlide gives your presentation that cool big corporation look. You can really see they have experience with “huge” clients. Though as an owner of a small law firm I found their services quite expensive, the result was absolutely worth the money. They can take your presentations to a whole new level.
Kate Marsh, Accountant
Company info
Project budget: from $2500
Price per slide: not listed
Turnaround: from 1 week
Location: 244 Madison Ave, #337, New York, NY 10016
Based on 247 customer reviews
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Diversified services - from data visualization to video design
  • Affordable, especially for sole proprietors and similar clients
  • Design options limited to templates
  • Only pitch deck oriented
  • Almost unusable for the companies with strict design guidelines
  • Requires additional customization for an original design
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This service provides templates for pitch decks. It is best suited for a fresh and professional design of pitch decks. There is an easy signup process,14-days free trial, and three subscription plans, featuring $8,$19, or $39 per month. After signing up, you get access to the templates and can instantly download and modify them as you like.
I was looking for a beautiful pitch deck and that's exactly what I found on Slidebean. I was able to quickly find a pitch deck suitable for my needs. It was easy to download and edit. No issues at all.
Justin Nelson, Client Service Specialist
I was an early adopter of Slidebean. I have gone through several versions and called customer support many times. The team is great and very helpful. The software is simply the best out there.
Richard Ramirez, Procurement Department Manager
Slidebean is wonderful if you search for a quick and effective design solution. With the huge range of templates they have, you can always choose something unique and suited for you. What is more, their designs usually need little customization. Saves loads of time for me.
Amy Thompson, Auditor
I got lured by the rather long free trial and didn't plan to use Slidebean after the trial ends. And here I am, using the service for almost a year now! They made a huge improvement of my presenting routine — better visuals, more understandable (and beautiful!) data visualization, Definitely recommend.
Jane Lee, Project Manager
Company info
Project budget: from $150
Price per slide: $29
Turnaround: not listed
Location: 225 Broadway, 9FL - New York, NY, 10004
Based on 396 customer reviews
  • Detailed descriptions and demos of available designs and styles
  • Caters to both small businesses and larger establishments
  • International presence bringing a more varied approach to a company's work
  • 24 - hour support and a generally responsive management
  • A rather busy and inconvenient website
  • Prices and timing have to be explicitly estimated for every project, slowing the service
  • General lack of specific information (work process, payment methods, etc.) on the website
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A company based in San Diego offers designs for a wide variety of presentations, positioning itself as a “visual storyteller.” Their client portfolio features some big names, such as Facebook and Citibank. The company boasts a worldwide presence with phone lines in Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Africa. As with eSlide, you`ll have to send an inquiry detailing your request, and a company should get in touch with you shortly.
I've worked with SlideGenius a great deal over the past year and they have been exemplary on all accounts. I have had several occasions where presentations were needed as quickly as the same day and they were accommodating without sacrificing quality. In the dozens of times I have worked with SlideGenius, they have never missed a deadline.
Ben Harper, Marketing Specialist
I have used SlideGenius for various projects. The first was a sales presentation deck in 2012. The project was completed on time and within budget. While I was very happy with the end result of the first project, the real litmus test was with the sales team, who loved it.
Tony Chang, Product Manager
When it comes to design, SlideGenius are absolute leaders. I worked with them both on the pitch deck for investors and a larger internal educational project. In both cases the results were wonderful. Totally recommend them if you want your presentation to be a truly memorable experience.
Susan May, Head of HR Department
SlideGenius not only makes creating presentations and updating content seem effortless, but they do it in a timely fashion and meet our fast-paced deadlines. They`ve got great designers and an even better support team. It's always a pleasure to work with them.
Jerry Bills, PR Specialist
Company info
Project budget: not listed
Price per slide: not listed
Turnaround: from 24 hours
Location: 1660 Hotel Circle North Suite 175 San Diego, California 92108
Based on 674 customer reviews
  • Fast, reliable, and flexible service
  • Informative and beautifully designed website
  • The dedicated personal designer team
  • File sharing and collaboration capabilities
  • Freelance designers may be less reliable
  • Not suitable if you rarely need presentations, since you pay monthly
  • Lower experience (the company has about 140 corporate clients)
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A smaller yet more modern presentation design agency. Superside works with freelance designers and aims at providing fast and convenient service without infringing on quality. The company operates monthly, ranging from $2,000 to $20,000, with a minimum 12-hours deadline. After you subscribe, you`ll be assigned a design team and a project manager who will handle all your orders.
I really enjoyed working with the team they went above and beyond to get the banner just right for me. I surely appreciated that. The overall brand guide really looks good too. I love the colors and font choices.
Andy Rhoads, Customer Service Manager
I was really pleased with my experience with Superside. Reka, the Project Manager, was engaging and proactive, calling me to ensure we were on the same page at the start of the project. Reka worked with me to develop a scope of work that suited my budget. She then executed and delivered on what we agreed on ahead of my deadline. I would definitely use Superside again.
Sade Satterfield, Scrum Master
Monthly subscription for such services is quite unusual, but for my company it worked out perfectly. Working in event management we are constantly in need of presentations of different types, and the team that Superside assigned managed to completely streamline the presentation making process.
Paul Marr, Event Manager
I really like the Superside`s approach to the business. Over the course of our six-month long partnership, our company was able to try different professionals and form a highly effective team that always delivers high-quality work. Superside is all about communication, their support team is exceptional.
Chris Renton, Financial Analyst
Company info
Project budget: from $400
Price per slide: not listed
Turnaround: from 12 hours
Location: Palo Alto, California
Based on 607 customer reviews
  • Clear and structured work process
  • Huge experience (7 years in business)
  • Quality check and customer review before final submission
  • The experts may not always be native English speakers
  • No information on the order prices
  • It may take long to get the work started (you have to wait for a response to your inquiry)
  • Lack of information on the work process
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A design agency from India, Pitchworx provides designer solutions for more than 500 brands. This service creates presentation, video, and graphic web design. It has a rather structured order process: after a kick-off call, during which you`ll settle all the details, you will finalize the design template. The project team can even help with reworking your content into a more suitable form for presenting. Then, the design is implemented, quality-checked, and reviewed. As in other services, the pricing depends on the scope of your project.
I've worked with PitchWorx on a number of projects, involving nearly 600 pages of well designed output for a major global project.I simply couldn't be happier with what I view as a unique combination of business knowledge, design excellence and service proactivity. Speed, responsiveness, overall service and costs were all I could have asked for.
Richard Benson, CEO
Pitchworx is a wonderful choice if you are looking for a thought-out, detailed design. The project team always goes to great lengths trying to understand your content and requirements. If you are not in a great hurry with your presentation and want all the details to be accounted for, Pitchworx is definitely your choice.
Tom Jones, Market Researcher
Great agency for bigger projects. I prepared a year report for the investors and needed both a report design and a presentation to accompany it. PitchWorx helped with both and managed to deliver a very professional result. Knowing the importance and complexity of a project, they accounted for even the smallest details. Amazing experience.
Hayley Banks, Financial Analyst
As few art directors in the U.S. study PowerPoint with any depth, I found myself in need of a very creative presentation. As the owner of a start-up ad agency Fuse Creative Group, I needed to deliver. I used to think PowerPoints couldn't possibly look good. Then good fortune brought me to PitchWorx. And while the need hasn't risen yet, I look forward to using them for their video capabilities.
Tyron Gore, CEO
Company info
Project budget: $1,000+
Price per slide: $50 - $99
Turnaround: not listed
Location: Level 18, DLF Cyber City, Building No 5, Tower A, Phase III, Gurgaon 122002 India
Based on 387 customer reviews
Big Fish Presentations
  • Beautiful website design
  • Part of a large design agency
  • Full coverage on presentations (from design to speech skills development)
  • Short and effective order submission form
  • Lack of information on pricing and timing on the website
  • Lack of work process description
  • No information on types of work that the agency does
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A presentation branch of the ThreeSixtyEight branding agency. Apart from presentation design, the company offers copywriting and even coaching services. Unfortunately, the website has no information regarding prices and the work process, so you'll have to call or mail them to get more specific stuff. And speaking of the company's experience, you only have their portfolio to rely on.
Big Fish`s output met all our expectations. They showed strong communication skills and professionalism. Moreover, they were open to feedback and thoughtful in their approach, which led to a successful partnership.
Donald Sanchez, Operations Assistant
Big Fish provides tremendous value. Their design and concept were beautiful and exactly what we were looking for, they advanced through the project quickly, and they were professional and communicative. Everything is designed by their team in-house, but they charged less than half of what other custom web designers were charging. Extremely high quality for the price.
Sam Robinson, Management Consultant
After a slow start my designer quickly understood the style I wanted and made it come to reality beyond my expectations. The key in getting good work is to communicate with your designer and be patient. I can only strongly recommend Big Fish to anyone looking for a great powerpoint presentation and I will be back.
Coline Farmer, Executive Manager
The project team was truly awesome. As many changes as we had to make review after review, the project manager was always courteous and carefully listened to all our demands. We had our project delivered several days before the deadline. Absolutely wonderful service.
Joseph Keenan, Product Manager
Company info
Project budget: not listed
Price per slide: not listed
Turnaround: not listed
Location: 212 S 14th Street, STE B Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Based on 360 customer reviews
Puffingstone Presentations
  • A personal expert that helps you through your order
  • Specialization on three particular presentation types
  • Interesting portfolio (the service worked with Western Union and TedX)
  • Both templates and custom designs are available
  • No information on price
  • Poor contact form design
  • May not be suitable for all presentation types
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The service concentrated on sales presentations, conferences, and training. Puddingstone provides a client with a personal “client success specialist” to discuss the presentation details and prepare the design according to all the requirements. The company portfolio contains some templates that can give you an image of the service`s capabilities. There is no information on prices, though.
Wonderful service and great design. As a business coach, I was always in need of something to help me streamline my presentation making process so I could focus on the presenting itself. The templates are a great choice if you give public speeches frequently. Puffingstone provided me with a really handy tool!
Clive Barker, Project Team Lead
I cannot recommend Puffingston Presentations enough! Creativity, professionalism, onsite support - everything was on point. The personal order manager really adds up to the great experience and the effectiveness.With the help of this service, I was able to deliver a wonderful pitch for our investors.
Henry Cole, Customer Care Associate
Great value and a quick turnaround. We already had branding and logos, but they did a great revamp, cleanup, and refresh of our deck, all in line with our company`s design guidelines. I will definitely work with them again!
Jamal Hendrix, CEO
Exceptional service. Loved my artist and my project manager Jack Chan. He absolutely nailed the infographics in the presentation. Not sure how Jack Chan figured out my complicated project, but he made it all seem super easy. I couldn't have asked for or imagined a better result.
Amanda Smith, Product Manager
Company info
Project budget: not listed
Price per slide: not listed
Turnaround: not listed
Location: 2028 E Ben White Blvd Suite 240 #1050, Austin, TX 78741
Based on 592 customer reviews
  • Detailed presentation making process
  • Large experience in the field
  • A variety of services available
  • Suitable for different presentation types
  • Detailed services description
  • No exact prices available before the inquiry
  • Inconvenient contact form
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With a rather long presence in the market (since 2009), Stinson provides a structured approach to presentation making. The service solutions include making the design from scratch and design templates suited for various presentations. “The Stinson Approach” to presentations includes three D`s - Discover, Develop, and Design, allowing for a thought-out presentation making. The prices are based on project scope, visual complexity, and timeline.
The company responded quickly to the team’s output, often requesting more of the materials they received. Stinson’s quality of work has been great. They’re easily reachable and turn projects around fast, taking on every project that the client has been giving them.
Lesley Watson, Purchasing Director
The consistently high quality of Stinson work has helped our business grow, while their can-do attitude and reliability made them a trusted partner. Going above and beyond to meet all needs, they're responsive to feedback and accommodate last-minute requests.
Samantha Kinsley, COO
An amazing first time experience! My business and life will forever be enhanced by the patient and knowledgeable team of Stinson staff members. I can't wait to develop future projects. With Stinson I know my vision will be respected and treated professionally.
Trevor Hetfield, Finance Director
Very happy with the presentation done and the awesome communication with the project manager, turn over time is very fast and all the requested features were performed. Highly recommended.
Sara Taylor, Project Manager Assistant
Company info
Project budget: $1500
Price per slide: not listed
Turnaround: 2-3 weeks
Location: 401 Richmond St W #243, Toronto
Based on 541 customer reviews
  • An immense amount of experience
  • Detailed contact form
  • Wide variety of solutions (though optimized mostly for bigger companies)
  • Impressive portfolio (TedX talks, Apple watch app presentation, and even Hyperloop)
  • No information on pricing or even timing of the initial response
  • No information on the work process
  • Less suitable for the non-corporate clients
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Probably the oldest and one of the most trusted services on the list. Since 1988, 84% of top US tech companies rely on Duarte. Custom design and templates asset libraries are among many services the company has to offer. The company's website is also a great source of knowledge on everything presentation-related, with the articles and even tests at your disposal. However, information on pricing and timing, unfortunately, is missing.
Duarte produced excellent results, helping the team to secure the pitch against both the incumbent company and strong competitors. The project was managed smoothly, with the team providing excellent suggestions while knowing when to step back and allow decisions to be taken internally.
James Morisson, CEO
The visuals Duarte incorporates into presentations are eye-catching and clever. Their work starts conversations, and they consider every detail. They provide useful tools, connect well, and are adaptive collaborators.
Mike Pendergast, Project Manager Specialist
I had been thinking about trying presentation services for a while, but most sites seemed scammy or super high priced. Duarte alleviated my concerns immediately. The price was definitely reasonable for what they delivered. I will certainly be using them again for this need!
Sandra Collins, Operations Analyst
The best part was the incredible speed with which they started. Since it was my first project with them, I was a bit hesitant. After I’ve seen the initial draft they’ve sent, I totally took my mind off this task and I was right to do so. The delivery was spot on, very happy about finding this company.
Andrew Blake, PR Department Head
Company info
Project budget: not listed
Price per slide: not listed
Turnaround: not listed
Location: 3200 Coronado Dr. Santa Clara, CA 95054

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Why You Need Custom-Made Presentation

Crafting a good presentation can be quite challenging and time-consuming. To add up to it, without proper experience you may end up with a bland and dull presentation, that won`t support your project at all and can even make everything worse.

It`s always a good decision to aim for the best result. Custom - made presentation design is the best decision you can make. A team of skilled professionals will give your presentation a unique look, organize your content in a more efficient way — in other words, they will make your presentation work!

Benefits of Using Professional Services

Saves tons of work time
No more hours spent on crafting a presentation. Skilled professionals will handle the process fast and will guarantee high quality.
Helps to raise investment
Your presentation can make or break your investment deal. A professional presentation shows just how much you care about your business.
Saves company budget
A badly made or overdue presentation will lead to significant and useless financial loss. With a professional agency, that won't be an issue.
Best experts in the field
Presentation design agencies are depending on customer trust. Skilled professionals are their main competitive advantage.
Exclusive design
With the help of a design agency, your presentation would look professional and unique. A professional designer can make any idea into a cool design concept.
High-quality guarantee
With all the wide range of features offered by presentation design agencies, quality is the one that will never be compromised.

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